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We provide the following services:

Exploration Project Management
Subsurface Technical Consultancy
Niche Technology Experts
Portfolio & New Business Development
Subsurface & Operations Consultants

Independent Consultants

We work as independent consultants assisting with our clients' projects, providing project management and technical & commercial support. We achieve high levels of responsibility and accountability and we strive to maintain technical excellence and integrity in what we do. 

Holborn Energy Group

What we do

About us

Holborn's senior partner has over 35 years of international operating experience working as a geophysicist & exploration manager and in executive management on exploration & development projects for major, independent and start-up oil & gas companies, as well as working as an independent consultant. Holborn supplements its own in-house experience with expertise provided through our worldwide network of specialists and associates.


We have the necessary operational, technical and commercial experience and industry network to advise our clients on the implementation and management of their oil and gas assets and exploration projects as well as advise on new opportunities to enhance their existing asset portfolios.


Holborn gives its clients the ability to quickly and confidently enhance their in-house technical expertise and management of their exploration & production projects and assets. 

We work closely with our client oil & gas companies and assist with the implementation and management of their exploration & development projects; integrated subsurface interpretation; data-room evaluations; technical & commercial due diligence and identification of new venture opportunities through our own in-house resources supplemented by expertise from our worldwide network. We provide an independent and integrated approach combining technical, operational and commercial experience to deliver optimal solutions for our clients.


We have extensive international oil company operating experience which enables us to work independently and take ownership of a project and to carry high levels of responsibility and accountability for the work we provide. We strive to maintain technical excellence and integrity in what we do.


We also provide technical advisory services to non-operating partners, financial institutions and investors active within the upstream oil & gas business as well as advising start-ups and providing assistance with 3rd party CPR document preparation and presentation material. 

Enhanced expertise through worldwide

Our worldwide network of specialists and associates include specialist engineering focused consultants and 3rd party engineers, specialists in geological and geophysical disciplines including niche technologies such as specialty broadband seismic acquisition and processing, advanced real-time integrated reservoir characterization, EOR and monitoring solutions, exploration and development of unconventional reservoirs and deep gas reservoirs, in addition to the more conventional reservoir facies analysis, carbonate diagenesis, sequence stratigraphy, 2D & 3D seismic interpretation, QI, fluid replacement and AVO analysis, full elastic seismic inversion, reservoir characterisation, reservoir fracture analysis, advanced 3D seismic acquisition design, FTG gravity & magnetic data analysis, and petrophysical log analysis.


Holborn Energy Group Limited (Holborn) is an independent oil & gas consultancy managed from the United Arab Emirates. The company provides exploration project management, new business development and technical consultancy services to oil & gas companies involved in the exploration and development of hydrocarbons in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. The company is managed by highly experienced oil & gas professionals who have previously spent most of their careers working for operating oil companies in the international oil & gas upstream industry.


Contact for client and consultant enquiries:

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