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​Our clients include operating oil & gas companies, non-operating partners, start-ups and investors in the oil & gas exploration and production industry in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and European regions.

International Operating Experience

Holborn management have extensive international oil company operating experience, we can fit seamlessly into the existing client organisation and work as integral members of the asset team or remotely as required by the client.

 Petroleum Fuel Trading Division

​We have a dedicated petroleum fuel trading division led by highly experienced fuel traders, we facilitate the sale & purchase of refined petroleum  products by leveraging our relationships with refineries, resellers, majors and end-users.

Portfolio & New Business Development

Holborn can assist with the building of exploration and production asset portfolios through the identification of suitable open acreage; farmin and M&A opportunities, as well as distressed assets via our own industry network and/or 3rd parties. We can advise on contract negotiations and economic and commercial evaluation of assets and also provide assistance with preparation of presentation materials and client representation to financial institutions and investors.

Acreage & Asset Management

We can assist with the management of our client's oil and gas assets and exploration projects as well as advise on new opportunities to enhance existing asset portfolios. Holborn gives its clients the ability to quickly and confidently enhance their in-house expertise for managing their exploration & production projects and asset portfolios. We adhere to strict HSE procedures and regulations in all the work we do.

Start-up Advisory

Having been co-founders of start-up companies ourselves we are familiar with the due diligence process required for raising capital and/or farmout to prospective partners and investors. We are able to assist with technical evaluations; commissioning of reserve CPR's; preparation of presentation material for finance raising activities, and representation of companies at investor and financial institution level.

Niche Technology Experts

Through the placement of world-class discipline experts into our client asset teams, Holborn is able to assist with the initial evaluation and implementation of niche technologies such as specialty broadband seismic acquisition and processing; advanced real-time integrated reservoir characterization; EOR and monitoring solutions; exploration and development of unconventional reservoirs and deep gas reservoirs.

Integrated Subsurface Interpretation

for exploration, appraisal & field development

We can provide fully integrated subsurface interpretations of geological, geophysical and engineering data using our in-house technical capabilities supplemented with expertise from our associate network where necessary. We can assist with the following work:

Data gathering & database construction

Design & manage data acquisition & processing programs

2D & 3D seismic interpretation and mapping

Petroleum geology evaluation

Prospect generation and ranking

Field development mapping

Reserve & resource estimations

Data room visits

Client representation at partner meetings

Presentations to financial institutions & governments

We can also arrange and manage 3rd party engineering reserve & resource estimates and Competent Persons Reports (CPR's).

Holborn management have considerable experience in the trading of refined petroleum fuel and products and assisting our clients with buy & sell transactions globally. We leverage our extensive relationships to position our clients directly with the trade desks of major and independent oil & gas companies, petroleum refineries, bunkering companies and commodity traders on the sell-side and with major corporations in the energy, manufacturing, aviation, transportation and shipping sectors on the buy-side.


Our primary focus is to facilitate the seamless sale and purchase of high-quality petroleum fuels and products globally. Our team of experienced petroleum fuels traders specializes in EN590 10PPM, Jet Fuel A1, and D6, and we have established an extensive network of contacts within the industry that enables us to provide our clients with the most efficient, cost-effective, and transparent solutions possible.


As an established petroleum fuels trading company, we take pride in our ability to assist our clients in navigating the complexities of the industry. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and provide customized solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements. Our team of experienced traders has a deep understanding of market trends and regulations, which allows us to provide insightful analysis and advice to our clients to help them make informed decisions.


We understand that the petroleum fuels market can be volatile, and we take a proactive approach to risk management to ensure that our clients' interests are protected. We work diligently to identify and mitigate potential risks, and we leverage our extensive network of industry contacts to ensure that our clients have access to the most up-to-date market insights and analysis.


Our services include everything from negotiating and executing contracts to managing logistics and ensuring timely delivery of goods. We are committed to ethical business practices and environmental responsibility, and we strive to conduct all of our transactions with the utmost care and professionalism.


Our extensive experience in the petroleum fuels trading industry, combined with our global reach and unwavering commitment to excellence, make us the ideal partner for all your petroleum fuels trading needs. Whether you are a major oil company looking to buy or sell large volumes of petroleum fuels or a corporate client in need of reliable fuel supply, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Exploration Project Management 

Technical screening and evaluation

Economic analysis & contract terms

Data acquisition, preparation & evaluation

Manage 3rd party Reserves & CPR reports

Drilling, workover & completion strategy & planning

Appraisal & development strategy & planning

Holborn can assist with implementing and managing international exploration projects ranging from initial technical evaluation of acreage; economic analysis  & contract terms; work program proposals, data acquisition and interpretation; prospect portfolio ranking; to planning of drilling and completion programs. We can assist with the following work 

Petroleum Fuel & Products Trading

Subsurface & Operations Consultants

Through our own in-house resources and our worldwide network of associates, we are able to offer operator-experienced subsurface and operations consultants with a range of discipline experience and qualifications, either on-demand or on contract. Our consultants normally have oil company or major service provider career backgrounds, are hand-picked and have usually worked with us on previous assignments.

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